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Roofing in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio weather can be hard on the exterior of your home, from the freezing and thawing of winter to heavy spring rain, high wind and summer storms. Your roof, siding and windows can take a beating. A properly installed roof will give you about 20 years of service. Properly installed siding and windows can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Our experienced craftsmen will inspect your home to determine when roofing, siding or windows can be repaired and when it may be advisable to replace them. We will work with you to maintain or create the look and feel you want for your home, and present you with a full range of options, including accessories. We address the full exterior of your home, right down to custom windows and upgraded exterior doors.

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Roofing in Northeast Ohio

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing choice for homeowners in general, and especially in Northeast Ohio, because they provide an attractive, durable, weather resistance roof for the most reasonable cost. Shingles come in a variety of colors, styles and designs, so homeowners can create a precise look without breaking the budget. There also are options to upgrade to shingles with more impact resistance or higher wind resistance.

Metal roofs have increased in popularity in the last decade as more homeowners seek opportunities for energy savings. Metal roofs are lightweight and excellent heat reflectors, so if you are willing to make the investment up front, you will likely get it back in the form of lower energy bills. While some homeowners prefer the look of a shingle roof, today metal roofs offer more options in terms of style and color.

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Best Quality

You can be assured you are getting the best quality materials and workmanship when you work with us. Our roofing, siding and windows come with full manufacturers’ warranties and our 2-year labor warranty.

Siding/windows in Northeast Ohio

Replacing your siding and windows are two of the best ways to increase the value of your home and its curb appeal. Options for siding range from aluminum to virtually maintenance free vinyl, including insulated varieties that can save you on heating and cooling costs. Colors and textures provide you opportunities to truly customize the look of your home.

Options also abound when it comes to choosing windows for your home. Create a fully custom look, or choose from a wide range of colors and styles that make your home more attractive and comfortable, and make maintenance easy for you and your family.

Our qualified team can help you make the best choices for your home, including a full range of accessories that range from seamless gutters to downspouts, as well as new garage doors and beautiful exterior doors for your home.